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Every customer is our guest. We care and we are grateful for your patronage. You are the special person that we design for.


It is important to us that you are delighted with your Blanco product. Brand BLC is your style statement and nothing should come in the way. We promise to make sure your product is of high quality and superior styling. If you have any concerns, feedback or queries, we invite you to write to us and tell us how we can improve your experience.

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!



Call us at

+97155 9532545

or send us an email to:


It is our committment that we will replace all defective pieces. Please let us know by email or phone what the problem is, ship it to us unused and in the same condition it was sent to you within 7 days from purchase/receipt of product. We shall ship a replacement piece at our cost back to you.


Do you provide International delivery?


Yes we ship to all countries in the GCC, Iran and India. Shipping is free in UAE and Iran for local stocks.  All shipping costs, where applicable, will be per international standard courier tariffs and shall be borne by you.


How do I return an item?


See our Returns Policy above


What is your returns policy?


See our Returns Policy above

How do I track my order?


Just email or call us and we shall be happy to inform you of your shipment status and how you can prepare to receive it at your convenience.


How can I contact your couriers?


All shipments are sent via standard international couriers with an applicable Airway Bill Number (AWB). We make sure couriers have an online tracking system that will keep you updated on the shipment stages. Local and international contact numbers for our shipping partners are available on request.


What are your delivery options?


We have online order taking through email and phone currently. Send us your requirements and we shall ship within 14 working days to your address.


We are working on an online ecommerce option. Please be patient as make this available to you soon.


We ship through international courier partners and also have local city stockists (See Stockists).

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